Aaron Rodgers Masturbates on Game Day

Aaron Rodgers masturbates

Ok we as men all know this is just a normal thing to do, like when you’re board, horny, or whenever, but did you hear Aaron Rodgers masturbates on Game day!?!

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Aaron Rodgers masturbates

Like we said above, men are horny and sometimes masturbating is the best cure next to having sex to release the stress.

One man who understands that is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who talks masturbation with comedian Pete Holmes on his podcast.

Rodgers revealed that he masturbates ahead of games:

“I want to be calm out there, so I’m never opposed to it.”

“You got to be nice and relaxed out there, so whatever is gonna put me in that state, man.”

Rodgers’ girlfriend Olivia Munn previously shared that the couple don’t have sex on game day, though they’ve been willing to make some exceptions.

She said:

“It depends on how late the game is … I try to have sex as much as I can.”

Rodgers used to be a private guy, now he’s talking masturbation. A lot has changed since he started dating Munn.

Aaron Rodgers masturbates

Hey we give it up to him about being candid. You have to have sex, it is a healthy thing for all of us and if not masturbate. It helps to extend your life span and keep stress levels down.

We wonder, do you think he does it in the locker room?