Aaron Hernandez Suicide Note: Thanks Kevin Gates, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Game

Aaron Hernandez Suicide Note: Thanks Kevin Gates, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Game

It’s been over a year since former New England Patriots tight end turned prison cell lifer Aaron Hernandez took his life.

The troubled NFL star may be gone, but now everyone will be able to hear his truth in a new book written by his attorney, Jose Baez. Read on for more details on Aaron Hernandez suicide note

Aaron Hernandez Suicide Note: Thanks Kevin Gates, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, GameJose Baez new book “Unnecessary Roughness: Inside the Trial and Final Days of Aaron Hernandez” features the former New England Patriots tight end turned.

Jose Baez book is said to feature the alleged suicide notes Aaron Hernandez left behind.

In the three suicide letters, Hernandez references his fiancée Shayanna Jenkins, his daughter, and Baez. He often hinted at dying, spoke about his fiancee being awarded money made sure to tell everyone he loved them. The most interesting part of Aaron Hernandez’s final letter to Baez was sharing his adoration of Kevin Gates, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Game.

Hernandez, who took his life at age 37, explained in the suicide note that those were the rappers who helped him get through tough times.

Aaron Hernandez Suicide Note:

I wrote this letter following my acquittal and wanted to voice how I felt and let some people whos(e) music helped me get through hard times, know that it did…

I need a favor — If you have any contacts for any artists like Gates, Meek Mill, Ross, Jay, Game … etc. I would like to send you letters so you can send to their information or whichever way you think best. I don’t want any media really getting into me, trying to just send my love to all the artists who got me through my tough times and sending my respect to a few of the real ones out there. So I think that’s the best idea through you. It’s something I have to do and I’d appreciate if you could do that for me, if possible! If not, I’ll figure something out.

Well, get at me, love ya brother!

Hernandez was acquitted of two murder charges stemming from a drive-by shooting in July 2012. However, he was still facing life in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Neuropathologists say that Aaron Hernandez suffered from Stage 3 CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy).

Baez says he plans to take the proceeds from his book and put them into a college fund for Hernandez’s daughter.

Baez told CNN:

I am doing this “so that she can know there’s a different side to the story of her father.” He was someone who was loved, cared about, extremely misunderstood, and if some good can come from all of this, I think Aaron would be extremely happy.

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