Adrien Broner Caught Cheating; Woman Crashes Car Into His Mercedes

Adrien Broner Caught Cheating; Woman Crashes Car Into His Mercedes


According to reports, “Adrien Broner caught cheating with his friend’s wife & the husband crashed his car into Broner’s brand new Mercedes!?!”

Flip and get the tea on the latest antics by boxer and screw up Adrien Broner…

Adrien Broner Caught Cheating; Woman Crashes Car Into His Mercedes is hearing that Adrien Broner is messing up again, because he just does it like that.

According to a new report that caught wind that Adrien Broner was caught cheating with his friend’s wife. Instead of attacking him, the woman crashed her car into Broner’s brand new Mercedes!

Adrien Broner Tea:

Adrien Broner gets into all kinds of various dramas, many of which involve women. His latest situation was his Mercedes-Benz being crashed into. Initial stories said a woman crashed into his car, but there is more to the story.

The woman in question is actually the wife of Adrien Broner’s friend and she was having an affair with the boxer. So, because of this, she didn’t crash into his car, she was riding with him. Her husband, in retaliation, decided he would crash into Adrien Broner’s car. – HHV

Sounds a bit more logical on her part, except for being in the car and driving it into Adrien Broner’s Mercedes. Broner is like Johnny Manziel…he just NEVER learns that he is BLESSED. Manziel threw his blessings away for booze and club life, while Broner continues to screw up by disrespecting his family cheating. This is the type of father kids end up hating when they get older and realize how many times daddy did mommy wrong.

Hopefully Adrien will clean up his act, but we’ve gone from a sex tape to cheating all in a couple years. We don’t see Broner learning anytime soon.


Adrien doesn’t have to answer to any of us…he has to answer to these faces:

“Adrien Jr on my right Na’Riya on my far right Armani on my left Kenyatta on my far left Admire on my lap ….. Adrieon and LayLay wasn’t born yet #DaddiesBabies”

Adrien Broner Caught Cheating; Woman Crashes Car Into His Mercedes

In other news, Broner kneeled during the National Anthem at a high school game saying he supports Kaepernick. Umm, yeah…its one of your kids games Adrian…and the crowd was laughing behind you..Not with you…about you! Many fans think he’s doing this for attention because he’s recording himself.

Check it:

#Kappernick I’m with you

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