Antonio Brown Sued By Father of a 22-month-old Toddler

Antonio Brown Sued By Father of a 22-month-old Toddler

Antonio Brown went into a violent rage back in April and threw a bunch of furniture off the balcony of his 14th story apartment nearly killing a 22-month-old toddler.

Yes, that happened but according to reports Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown was in a fit of rage when he learned his high-end Miami apartment was jacked. Read on…

Antonio Brown Sued By Father of a 22-month-old has the latest on Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown who is being sued by Ophir Sternberg.

Ophir Sternberg claims his 22-month-old son was walking around the pool at the time that the Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown was tossing furniture off his balcony.

His lawsuit claims, “large objects started to fall from the building many floors above them.” Ophir also claims the items included 2 very large vases, a heavy ottoman and other pieces of furniture — which landed within a mere foot or 2 from the toddler and his grandfather.

Security and police were called to the scene and determined the items came from Brown’s place — and the whole thing was captured on surveillance video. And yes, the who incident was caught on surveillance video.

Sternberg claims his child was terrified and traumatized by the incident and now has night terrors. He’s lucky he wasn’t killed or severely injured.

Antonio has two sons of his own, so we know that was NOT his intention. He was just in a fit of rage over the theft and wasn’t thinking clearly about anyone being below. That is his fault.

Ophir is suing for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress, claiming Brown acted “without regard for human life.”

Meanwhile, Deadspin reports:

Over the last eight weeks, Antonio Brown called a well-respected, longtime Steelers beat reporter a “clown” and accused that reporter of “making shit up.” He threatened another reporter for writing an unflattering profile of him. He’s been openly grumpy. He’s blown off work. And that’s just the stuff that’s kept Antonio Brown’s name in the news.

Brown told cops he returned to his high-end Miami apartment and noticed $80,000 cash was missing from a tote bag he had hidden in his closet.

TMZ reports:

Brown says his 9mm firearm was also gone.

Cops obtained surveillance video which showed a cleaning crew entering Brown’s place on April 13. Cops found the women who said they had been hired and authorized by someone claiming to be Brown’s representative.

The women denied taking the cash and the gun — and insinuated it could have been other people who were in the house in the days before Brown left for his trip.

The next day, cops were called back to the apartment complex after getting calls about Brown throwing furniture — including vases — off his balcony.

It was also reported by Deadspin that police records revealed, it was Pittsburgh Steelers WR Brown who phoned the cops that morning.

The report reads as follows:

On the day after he initially called police at 1:35 p.m. on April 23 to report that he discovered $80,000 in cash was missing from a backpack/tote bag and that handgun had been taken from a closet after he got back from an 11-day trip. He told the cops his apartment had been cleaned, his laundry done, and his clothes folded.


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