Antonio Brown: Why The NFL Isn’t Signing Him

Antonio Brown: Why The NFL Isn't Signing Him

It has been weeks since the damning information came out against former NFL WR Antonio Brown when his former trainer accused him of sexually assaulted her twice.

Britney Taylor did the most trying to claim that AB tried to kiss her without consent and exposed himself. Then, it was said that Brown “began masturbating near her without her knowledge and ejaculated on her back” which led to him bragging about it in emails. Read on… reports Britney Taylor’s attempt at slapping Antonio Brown with a lawsuit, a judge has denied the case.

Though, Taylor is NOT DONE trying to use the #MeToo Movement in an ugly way for clout and a bag. Her attorney’s claim that they will try again by filing a lawsuit in Miami, and alleged that there will be more claims this time. This is why AB is countersuing.

That alone sounds sketchy on Taylor and her attorney’s part. We have a major question and don’t believe any of it to be true after watching the video of Taylor all hugged up with Brown in his bedroom.

Many outlets continue to try and help her #MeToo Movement claims, but we’re NOT buying any of it.

Taylor released a statement following her lawsuit:

As a rape victim of Antonio Brown, deciding to speak out has been an incredibly difficult decision, I have found strength in my faith, my family, and from the accounts of other survivors of sexual assault.

Why we Don’t believe ABs former trainer Britney Taylor:

Here is our problem, you can’t rape a willing person. It seems these days women feel they have a right to say they were attacked, assaulted, harassed, or sexually assaulted. That might have stuck for us if a video didn’t show us that Brittany was all up on Antonio Brown. The video displays that she was all good with AB in a sexual way, so for her to flip and claim rape feels fraudulent. She will definitely NEED to show some hard evidence to prove he did something.

What Happened with Antonio Brown on Social Media:

With all that said, on Wednesday, a Twitter follower asked Brown why he is not back playing in the league, and Brown’s answer definitely indicates it’s because of the NFL.

Brown has not been suspended or placed on the commissioner’s exempt list, but the league did come out and state there was no reason to do so since the Patriots released him.

Basically the NFL has put AB on the commissioner’s exempt list should he sign elsewhere. That alone keeps any team from signing him and wasting their time with him on the roster.

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