Are Kyrie Irving’s Days Numbered with Boston Celtics

Are Kyrie Irving's Days Numbered with Boston Celtics

RUMORS have been swirling that the Boston Celtics may be losing Kyrie Irving once he becomes a free agent.

Photos of Kyrie Irving wearing a Los Angeles Lakers uniform surfaced on his Instagram in a post/delete. Things have surely switched gears from this past October when Irving seemed to confirm all those assumptions by announcing to Celtics season-ticket holders he would sign re-sign on a max deal in Boston. Read on to see what’s in the mix for Kyrie these days… reports that Kyrie Irving has changed gears when it comes to resigning with the Celtic since the team hasn’t been the Flying Death Machine many expected them to be in the East.

Instead, the Boston Celtics have struggled from the onset with young players unable to flourish in more limited roles. Meanwhile, Gordon Hayward’s recovery is still an ongoing matter for the Celtics.

So what’s up with Kyrie Irving?

Well, the Los Angeles Lakers’ plan to sign a second max star free agent who was thought to not be available in the summer has been included a revolving door of names.

If you guessed, Kyrie Irving then you’ve been listening.

What made the news a bit more clear?

Last week, James added fuel to the fire by posting an Instagram story tagging Irving while signing the song Rewind by Fetty Wap. (above)

Are Kyrie Irving's Days Numbered with Boston Celtics