Austin Seferian-Jenkins Drunken Mouth Got Him Arrested

Austin Seferian-Jenkins Drunken Mouth Got Him Arrested

DUI arrests are NEVER pretty, especially this one with ex Tampa Bay Buccaneers Austin Seferian-Jenkins, whose Drunken Mouth Got Him Arrested!?!

Flip and get the details on how Austin Seferian-Jenkins Drunken Mouth Got Him Arrested…

Austin Seferian-Jenkins Drunken Mouth Got Him Arrested has learned that ex-Buccaneers Austin Seferian-Jenkins DUI arrest could have been easy, but he started running his drunken mouth and got arrested!

What is really embarrassing is how he got pulled over.

The ex-Bucs tight end was pulled over for an improper lane change after cutting off a cop. What is sad is that moments after the stop, the officer was going to let ASJ off with a warning.

Instead, what we’ve learned via TMZ is that Austin started talking and slurring. That is when the cop quickly realized the 23-year-old was wasted.

Of course, Austin, who is sexier that rapper Drake and has major sex appeal begged the cop to let him go to his QB’s house to watch ‘American Horror Story’ … but the cop shot that down.

That sucks!

But it gets worse.

What we are hearing is that once Austin was arrested, he told the cop he needed to take a “huge s***”!


The cop begged him not to do it in his brand new squad car, which can be seen in dash cam footage via TMZ:

Austin was booked for DUI and violation of an ignition interlock device restriction stemming from a 2013 DUI. The Bucs have since cut him from the team.


Why can’t people just UBER or LYFT when they are drunk. It saves having horrible moments like this. And helps to keep a NFL job.

So sad. And he is so fine. Someone NEEDS to snap this boy into shape.

What do you think aboutĀ Austin Seferian-Jenkins DUIĀ Arrest? Do you think he would have gotten off if he stayed quite?