Bryan Robinson Died After Doing Drugs + Having Gay Sex

Bryan Robinson

According to reports Bryan Robinson was living a double lifestyle because the former NFLer Died After Doing Drugs + Having Gay Sex With Man!?!

Flip and get all the detail on Cincinnati Bengals DE Bryan Robinson and how he passed…

Bryan Robinson is NOT shocked by this because so many men live double lives, but it sucks that Bryan Robinson passed away after having sex with another man.

His wife is probably devastated that her Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Bryan Robinson secretly like D as much as she did!

We don’t mean to sound heartless, but we feel a man needs to be honest with himself and the people he is sleeping with, especially his wife.

She didn’t deserve to be cheated on all these years. Now that the truth has surfaced, Bryan Robinson secret gay life has been exposed, and so has his drug habit.

According to an official report obtained by TMZ Sports, the married 41-year-old checked in to the Midpoint Motel around 9 AM on Saturday with another man — black male, thin build and dreadlocks.

Staffers say Robinson was a “regular” at the hotel and usually checked out at 6 PM — and got concerned when he didn’t leave at his usual time. So they checked on the room and found Robinson lying face down on the bed.

Officials say there was no sign of trauma — but investigators did find marijuana, an empty bottle of Jungle Juice Plus poppers, Crown Royal and a bottle of lubrication.

At the moment, the cops don’t believe foul play was involved. The man with Robinson left between 4-5pm from the motel room in Milwaukee.

Talk about having a unique circumstances when you die. We don’t think Robinson wanted to die like this.

We are NOT judging, but what do you think about Bryan Robinson dying after sexing a man?