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Colin Kaepernick Find Support; Adrien Broner Calls Tim Bradley an Uncle Tom

Adrien Broner Supports Colin Kaepernick; Calls Tim Bradley an Uncle Tom

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and now free agent Colin Kaepernick was spotted at Chris Brown’s concert in NYC. Kaep was hanging out since the NFL has basically black balled him for his kneeling for the anthem stance last year.

Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick found support from boxer Adrien Broner at the Chris Brown concert…

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Boxer Kid Chocolate: Kim Kardashian's Booty Ruining Our Youth

Boxer Kid Chocolate: Kim Kardashian’s Booty Ruining Our Youth

Kim Kardashian butt is Pop Culture famous, more so, than Kim these days. NOT everyone is in favor of Kim Kakes Kardashian giant butt. Peter Kid Chocolate Quillin weighing in on Kimmy Kakes stating she is RUINING our female youth.

Read more on why Peter Kid Chocolate Quillin says that Kim Kardashian’s giant butt is sending a damaging message to little girls who look up to her…

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Floyd Mayweather Set the Record Straight with Adrien Broner

Floyd Mayweather Sets the Record Straight with Adrien Broner

48 hours after Adrien Broner called Floyd Mayweather a bitch, the championship fighters is now responding to him about his crazy diss.

Read on and see what Floyd Mayweather said to Broner…

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