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Will Smith drunk

Toxicology Report: Will Smith Drunk During Fatal Shootin

We previously reported on Ex-NFL lineman Will Smith who was gunned down during a confrontation after his car was in a fender bender, now reports say Will Smith Beyond Drunk At Time of Fatal Shooting!!!

Get all the details on Will Smith drunk on the flip…

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Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher: Ex Wife Destroys Embryos and Alimony

You thought the drama with Matt Barnes was bad? Well the former New York Knicks coach, Derek Fisher Ex Wife has destroyed their frozen Embryos and lands hefty Alimony payment!!!

This makes an athlete to shy away from marriage after hearing Derek Fishers drama on the flip…

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Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista No Medical Attention Required

Lets catch you up to speed, if you saw the Texas Ranger vs the Toronto Blue Jays game then you saw Rougned Odor punching Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista in the face!!!

We just heard that no Medical Attention Required for Jose Bautista, but it appears Rougned Odor readies for suspension on the flip…

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