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LeGarrette Blount Doesn't Need Fans Who Call Him a B*TCH

LeGarrette Blount Doesn’t Need Fans Who Call Him a B*TCH

What fans have NO CLUE is that it’s rough in the NFL, especially when you must make decisions for your family and your well-being! Former New England Patriots LeGarrette Blount chose to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles in free agency.

After becoming a free agent last year, both LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long signed with the Eagles, but who knew everything would come full circle for them. You might say its redemption for Blount since the Patriots didn’t see a future with running back. Read on to see what he said to his former Patriot fans who had nothing but hateful things to say…

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Eagles Alshon Jeffrey Gave Zero F*cks About Justin Timberlake Half Time

Eagles Alshon Jeffrey NOT Thinking About Justin Timberlake Half Time

In the history of the Super Bowl, there have been some mediocre performances, but the Justin Timberlake half time show was the WORST EVER!

If you ask, the half time was an EPIC FAIL! Justin Timberlake was like watching paint dry. And then, his Prince tribute was AWFUL! Of all people to do a tribute to Prince? Timberlake and Prince were NEVER on good terms and their history stems back to an incident at an award show.  So why, Justin? That was a total sell out move. BOOOOOO! Read on because we’re NOT the only ones that didn’t like the half time, Philadelphia Eagles Alshon Jeffrey gave zero F*cks about Justin…

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Eagles: Jalen Mills Dragged; Malcolm Jenkins Skips Out; Torrey Smith Laughs Off Haters

Eagles: Jalen Mills Dragged; Malcolm Jenkins Skips Out; Torrey Smith Laughs Off Haters

Since the Philadelphia Eagles slaughtered The New England Patriots, Trumps favorite team we couldn’t be happier. Congrats to the Eagles for playing such a great game and taking out the Patriots!

Three things have happened with Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Newspaper Takes Shot at The Falcons at the expense of former LSU player, corner-back Jalen Mills. Eagles Malcolm Jenkins SKIPPING Team Visit to White House and Torrey Smith Laughs Off Trump Supporters. Read on…

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