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Abigail Ratchford Pics From Klay Thompson Bedroom

Abigail Ratchford Shares Snaps From Klay Thompson Bedroom

Looks like Klay Thompson has been putting in some work off the court in the club and at home. Thanks to Instagram model Abigail Ratchford.

Klay Thompson is getting exposed by Abigail Ratchford, another IstaTHOT from The gram. Read on…

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Conor McGregor FIRES BACK at Mayweather Calling Him Racist

Conor McGregor Calls Floyd Mayweather Wife Beater

Conor McGregor is FIRING BACK at Floyd Mayweather calling him a racist. McGregor is now claiming that he NEVER called him a monkey, but we have the footage.

Open mouth and insert foot, since Conor McGregor should stay quite at this point. He’s denying that he called Floyd a monkey and now he’s throwing wood on the fire. Now, the Irish MMA fighter is BLASTING Floyd for beating his wife in front of his children.

Read on and watch the video when Conor McGregor calls Floyd Mayweather a wife beater. It’s just getting worse…

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7 Florida Gators Players Suspended For Credit Card Fraud

7 Florida Gators Players Suspended For Credit Card Fraud

We know college can be tough, but not so bad you have to be involved in a credit card fraud scam. We’ve just received word that 7 Florida Gators football players are suspected of credit card fraud.

Read on to get the full details on which 7 Florida Gators players were involved…

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