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Conor McGregor FIRES BACK at Mayweather Calling Him Racist

Conor McGregor Calls Floyd Mayweather Wife Beater

Conor McGregor is FIRING BACK at Floyd Mayweather calling him a racist. McGregor is now claiming that he NEVER called him a monkey, but we have the footage.

Open mouth and insert foot, since Conor McGregor should stay quite at this point. He’s denying that he called Floyd a monkey and now he’s throwing wood on the fire. Now, the Irish MMA fighter is BLASTING Floyd for beating his wife in front of his children.

Read on and watch the video when Conor McGregor calls Floyd Mayweather a wife beater. It’s just getting worse…

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Brendan Schaub Bets "Dick" That McGregor Will Win

Brendan Schaub Bets “Dick” That McGregor Will Win

Brendan Schaub has been making headlines since he has a $100k bet that Conor McGregor will win at least one round against Floyd Mayweather.

Now, Brendan Schaub is taking his betting to another level, because he’s put his “dick” up for public display. Read on…

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Yoel Romero to Bisping: "You NEED To RESPECT Cuba"

Yoel Romero to Bisping: “You NEED To RESPECT Cuba”

Michael Bisping apparently wanted fight newly-crowned interim champion Robert Whittaker, But Yoel Romero lost. Bisping decided to get Yoel’s attention, so he ripped “a small Cuban flag and threw it at Romero!

Well, Yoel Romero has been FIRING BACK at Michael Bisping ever since, but things are really starting to escalate. Read on…

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