ARREST: Charlotte 49er QB Kevin Olsen Is One Sick and Twisted Guy

ARREST: Charlotte 49er QB Kevin Olsen Is One Sick and Twisted Guy


Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen’s younger brother, Kevin Olsen, the quarterback at Charlotte 49er is one sick guy. Olsen was arrested Sunday and charged with multiple felonies!?!

He was charged with second-degree forcible rape, cyber-stalking, assault on a female and second-degree forced sex! What is wrong with people? Unlike Greg, Kevin Olsen is sick! He tried to rape a woman before he threatened to kill her and himself. Read more…

ARREST: Charlotte 49er QB Kevin Olsen Is One Sick and Twisted Guy is shocked by this one. According to The Charlotte Observer the alleged incident took place at the off-campus apartment of Kevin Olsen.

Apparently the alleged assault, which happened around 3:30 a.m. Sunday took place within an “existing relationship.” On Monday morning, assistant District Attorney Kristen Northrup described the alleged incident, including Olsen’s threats to kill both himself and the woman involved:

Kevin Olsen Details:

“According to Northrup, Olsen and the 23-year-old woman went out drinking Saturday night but had gotten separated. During their time apart, Northrup said, Olsen sent the woman a text message threatening to kill her.

Eventually, the pair reunited and used Uber to get back to Olsen’s apartment early Sunday morning. There, Northrup said, Olsen remained upset about the evening “and some events in his life.” He grabbed a phone charger and wrapped it around his neck, threatening to kill himself, the prosecutor said.

The victim, according to Northrup, calmed Olsen down. But the argument flared up again. Olsen first struck her with a pillow, then punched her in the face, Northrup said.

He then assaulted her three times, Northrup said, with the victim crying at some point during the attack.”

Olsen was arrested after the woman went to the hospital and contacted the police. He was taken into custody and spent Sunday night in jail but is expected to be released on $103,000 bond later today.

This is NOT the first time Kevin Olsen, 22, has had a run in with police, or even attended a collegiate campus. He has a history of violations, legal infractions and being kicked out of schools. He got the boot from Miami in September 2014, was kicked out of Towson for breaking rules and spent a year at Riverside (Calif.) City College.

Kevin Olsen can say goodbye to Charolette now that the University said Olsen has been suspended from athletics and they are reviewing further disciplinary action.

Panthers player and Kevin’s brother Greg gave no comment, “and asks that people respect his privacy.”

Bottom line, Kevin Olsen NEEDS mental help – he is an obvious danger to himself and anyone he is in contact with. Playing football is NOT for him, he doesn’t have the right mind for it.


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