Clinton Portis Contemplated Killing Financial Adviser

Clinton Portis Contemplated Killing Financial Adviser

Wait until you hear about this, but did you hear about Clinton Portis admitting that he contemplated killing financial adviser for causing his bankruptcy?

We actually don’t blame Washington Redskins Clinton Portis for his feeling. Read on and see why…

Clinton Portis Contemplated Killing Financial Adviser has learned that the former 51st overall in the second round of the 2002 NFL Draft, Clinton Portis earned more than 43 million over the course of his career and he has nothing left.

Clinton Portis lived during his career spending his money on cars, clothes, and trips. But what he was unaware of, is that his adviser was funneling his earnings into a fraudulent investment scheme which forced Portis to lose at least $11 million. he was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Portis fell victim to a ponzi scheme at the hands of financial advisers Jeff Rubin, Jinesh Brahmbhatt and Fuad Ahmen. After loosing his hard earned money to his financial scammers the betrayal had Portis thinking irrationally.

In a recent interview with SI, Portis recounted his darkest days. He admitted that he was ready to take the lives of Rubin, Brahmbhatt and Ahmen for what they did.

Portis was promised that the $11 million he coughed up would be safe investments to fund his retirement and help provide for his mother and children. A year after he retired his money dried up and the ponzi scheme unraveled, leaving Portis angry, hopeless and broke. All Clinton wanted was revenge.

Portis revealed that NOTHING happened to the investors:

“No jail time, no nothing. Living happily ever after.”

Portis recalled his state of mind sitting outside a Washington D.C. office building with a loaded gun, waiting to confront his betrayer.

“It wasn’t no beat up…It was kill.”


Luckily, one of Portis’ friends talked him off the ledge and convinced him not to pull the trigger.  As for the fraudulent advisers, they luckily didn’t come face to face with him because if they had, he says:

“We’d probably be doing this interview from prison.”

Here we are four years later and Portis is working hard for several media outlets, including a weekly Redskins-centric TV program during the season.

If you need a financial adviser and see these names, Jeff Rubin, Jinesh Brahmbhatt and Fuad Ahmen steer clear because they are FRAUDS! If you are a athlete and have a financial adviser make sure you know everything they are doing, don’t be dumb and trust them. They are in it for themselves and don’t care about you. They care about money!