Colin Kaepernick Supports Kenny Stills + Albert Wilson Kneeling

Colin Kaepernick Supports Kenny Stills + Albert Wilson Kneeling

Colin Kaepernick still stands for what he believes in, which makes sense he’s the face of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign.

This is the last thing President Trump wants!

Kaepernick may no longer be kneeling on the field, but his fellow NFL players are still continuing his protest during the National Anthem.

The support for Colin Kaepernick is EPIC and President Trump is angry he is unable to control sports influencers so he mocks NFL attendance being down. Read on…

Colin Kaepernick Supports Kenny Stills + Albert Wilson reports that Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson both dropped to a knee while the Star-Spangled Banner played.

Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson are the first players to continue the protest in 2018 and the gesture was much appreciated.

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid would both took to social media Sunday afternoon to express their gratitude to the Miami Dolphins players

Kaepernick Tweeted:

My Brothers (Kenny) and (Albert) continue to show their unwavering strength by fighting for the oppressed! They have not backed down, even when attacked and intimidated. Their courage will move the world forward!

He added:

Love is at the root of our resistance!

Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted his two cents, saying:

Wow, NFL first game ratings are way down over an already really bad last year comparison. Viewership declined 13%, the lowest in over a decade. If the players stood proudly for our Flag and Anthem, and it is all shown on broadcast, maybe ratings could come back? Otherwise worse!

Trump has been heated since Nike release their “Just Do It” campaign with Kaepernick narrating to “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

The message is powerful and empowering for American youth, but that is something Trump doesn’t want.

Trump is NOT for empowering the youth of America to be better he continues to oppressive with his bully tactics on social media. Don’t be blind, un conform to see!


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Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt

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The Pres believes he’s right, and that his influence is helping the decline of NFL viewership. Nope, it’s the price of tickets, NOT players kneeling.

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