Conor McGregor Escapes Medical Suspension

Conor McGregor

It has been reported that UFC fighter Conor McGregor Escapes Medical Suspension following his matchup with Diaz!!!

Get more details on Conor McGregor, unbelievably, escaping medical suspension on the flip…

Conor McGregor has learned that the big Irishman known as “The Notorious” did not have to worry about being medically suspended in spite of losing his title, according to!

However, Nate Diaz, has been suspended until April 20, with no contact until April 5, due to the laceration he received over his right eye.

Meanwhile, Chael Sonnen, believes that Conor McGregor may have not been able to sustain his mental game during the UFC 196 matchup with Nate Diaz.

According to the Independent, Sonnen said he believed that Conor McGregor fell apart in much the same way as Mike Tyson did when he took on Evander Holyfield and infamously chewed his ear.


Sonnen said on ESPN, according to Independent:

“From a historical standpoint, mentally, Conor McGregor fell apart.”

“He cracked. It was just like watching Mike Tyson fold against Evander Holyfield and all the guys that have come before and after. Listen, when you stand up to a bully he will fade every time. Conor McGregor is a bully. Now, that’s the mental side.”

Conor McGregor’s lack of medical suspension has fans hopeful that he will be able to compete at UFC 200. But fans are worried that he might not be back since McGregor took the loss to Nate Diaz very hard.


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