Biggie Anthony Mason

Fat Joe Airs Biggie Smalls Dirty Laundry


Since both parties have now passed, it appears the dirty deeds are surfacing, now Fat Joe answers one of the highly questionable songs “I Got A Story To Tell” by Biggie’s Smalls!!!

Wait until you get all the detail on Biggie Smalls and his sex antics behind Anthony Mason’s back the flip…

Biggie Anthony Mason

If you are a Notorious B.I.G you might remember back in the day everyone was questioning who Biggie was talking about. A select few knew, but swore to NEVER tell, but now that both men have passed it seems the oath has been upheld.

It had long been assumed that the Knick in question was John Starks. But Starks strongly denied it during a Highly Questionable appearance, has learned.

Jadakiss said that Big never told him specifically, but his own investigation revealed it would have been “[Anthony] Mason, Larry Johnson or maybe Derek Harper,” during a different segment of the ESPN show.

If you remember the “I Got A Story To Tell” lyrics went a little like this:

“We f-cked in his bed, quite dangerous/I’m in his ass while he playing against the Utah Jazz,” Biggie raps in the track that was recorded between 1995 and 1997. Later in the song, the late Big identifies the baller whose home, bed and girl he violated as “One of them six-five niggas, I don’t know.”

Well today, Biggie’s close friend Fat Joe was on the program, and he finally spilled the tea.

Joe said about the player:

“I could tell you but I don’t want to disrespectful.” Pause, and then, he immediately became disrespectful. “But it was about Anthony Mason, rest in peace.”

Anthony Mason, the 13-year NBA veteran player who helped the New York Knicks reach the 1994 NBA Finals, has died at the age of 48 last year. It was reported that Mason had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier that month.

Joe went on to say that rappers tend to exaggerate, so all the details in the profane track may not be the exact truth.

Well that is a secret that lived and died with them, because its only hearsay now.


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