Former Bengals DE Jonathan Fanene Faces Assault Charges

Former Bengals DE Jonathan Fanene Faces Assault Charges

Damn, why are the cute ones always so damn disturbed or violent? According to reports former Cincinnati Bengals defensive end, Jonathan Fanene is facing assault charges.

Read on to get all the details on the former Cincinnati Bengals DE Jonathan Fanene faces Assault Charges

Former Bengals DE Jonathan Fanene Faces Assault Charges reports that court documents allege Jonathan Fanene used a pipe, golf club, and broom handle to assault his wife and his sister over allegations he had an extramarital affair in Hawaii.

Bottom line is that the Bengals DE Jonathan Fanene is facing a charge or two no matter what.

ESPN reports:

37-year-old Pago Pago, American Samoa NFL player has been charged in the district court of American Samoa with eight felonies.

The NFL players felonies include kidnapping and assault, and five misdemeanors. He has been released on $100,000 bail and will appear in court next week.

Fanene defense lawyer declined to comment. However, the defense will now decide next week if Fanene continues with a preliminary hearing at the district court level or opts to have the case heard in the High Court of American Samoa.

The Utah grad Jonathan Fanene was drafted by the Bengals in the seventh round of the 2005 NFL draft. He played seven seasons.

Wow, just a few things. #SMH

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