Giancarlo Stanton Mouth-Watering Shirtless Cover

Giancarlo Stanton Mouth-Watering Shirtless Cover

New York Yankee’s slugger Giancarlo Stanton caught showing off his insane physique in mouth-watering cover.

Flip and check out Giancarlo Stanton, the African American/ Irish MLB sex-symbol and his sexy physique…

Giancarlo Stanton Mouth-Watering Shirtless has the latest from MLB star Giancarlo Stanton who is an Adonis.

Giancarlo Stanton stripped off his shirt to show off his washboard abs for the cover of Men’s Health magazine (on stands now) — which included the shirtless pics as part of an article about Giancarlo’s recovery from that insane 2014 at-bat where he took a fastball to the face.

In the mag, Giancarlo opened up about the hospitalization, how he couldn’t eat regularly for a month. He also talks about how pitchers tried to exploit his post-traumatic stress from the incident after he returned.

Stanton said

“For two years, pitchers would throw up and in to scare me. Just to get me thinking about that. I was aware of it. But in terms of messing with me as a hitter, it never did.”

Ladies and gents what do you think of the 28-year-old Panorama City, Los Angeles, CA native?