Gronk Leaves His Mark on The Patriots 6th Lombardi Trophy

Gronk Leaves His Mark on The Patriots 6th Lombardi Trophy

If there is one guy who can get away with murder it would be Rob Gronk Gronkowski.

Now when we say Rob Gronk Gronkowski can get away with murder we mean murdering the New England Patriots 6th Lombardi trophy. Read on… reports that Gronk will forever live in the NFL history books as the player who put a HUGE dent in the teams 6th Lombardi trophy.

The likable and beloved now retired New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronk Gronkowski was just having some good old fun.

See, Gronk was playing around like any normal 19-year-old, oops we mean 29-year-old using the Lombardi trophy as a baseball bat.

And yes… Rob Gronkowski used a freakin’ Super Bowl trophy to try to hit a baseball, we don’t know why he would do this, but it happened.

It all went down when the Patriots were honored at Fenway Park before a Red Sox game earlier this month.

Players like Rob Gronk Gronkowski and Julian Edelman were having some fun and *pretending* to hit baseballs while using the trophy as a bat. But no, Gronk really did it and BLAM a permanent dent remains in the Patriots 6th Lombardi trophy.

Oh, Gronk! I feel like someone needs to hit their hand to their forehead right about now. SMH.

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