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$6 Million at Stake; Hernandez Attorney Wants Murder Conviction Dismissed


Just days after Aaron Hernandez’s death, his legal team has already filed a motion to have his murder conviction officially dismissed!

You might be scratching your head about this, but since Aaron Hernandez took his own life, in the state of Massachusetts he is no longer a convicted murderer. Read on why $6 million at stake and why Hernandez attorney wants murder conviction dismissed…

$6 Million at Stake; Hernandez Attorney Wants Murder Conviction Dismissedron

So, if you haven’t been paying attention, the reason why there is $6 million at stake for the Aaron Hernandez estate is simple.

The New England Patriots and Aaron Hernandez signed a $40 million dollar deal, of which $6 million is due to his estate.

Aaron Hernandez Attorney Motive for Filing Details!

The reason why is that the Patriots NEVER officially cut him from the team.  He was arrested back in 2015, but the Patriots still owed him the first part of the $40 million, which was $6 million.

This is why Hernandez attorney, Jose Baez, has now filed to have the murder conviction thrown out. In the state of Massachusetts law there is a concept called abatement ab initio that requires the court to throw out Hernandez’s conviction in the Odin Lloyd case.

The reason why this law will work is that, Aaron died before he could finish the appeal process. He was found dead hanging from a bed sheet with the words John 3:16 on his forehead and the stigmata on his hands and feet. Jose Baez, has now filed to make that happen but it won’t come without opposition.

According to reports, the Bristol County D.A.’s office tells TMZ Sports:

“We have been reviewing the matter and intend to file an opposition to the defense motion within the next week.”

Hernandez died on Wednesday after officials found him hanging in the prison cell where he was serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

This is another reason why it’s been speculated that Aaron had been planning his suicide for weeks. His kiss he blew to his daughter, was him saying goodbye. Some are saying that Aaron knew what he was going to do, so he wanted his daughter to know daddy loved her.

Yesterday, Hernandez legal team, led by Jose Baez BLASTED the media DEMANDING that Aaron NEVER had a secret gay life. That he was NOT bisexual and that the third letter was NOT to a gay lover behind bars.

Hernandez attorney, Baez claims:

“Rumors of letters to a gay lover, in or out of prison, are false. These are malicious leaks used to tarnish somebody who is dead.”

Despite what the D.A. announced Thursday about 3 letters next to Hernandez’s Bible, Hernandez attorney Baez states that’s when the rumors began.

If that is the case, why was the correction facility watching a man who was said to be Hernandez intimate male friend in prison, who received one of the 3 letters from Aaron. Meanwhile, theories of hiding his secret gay life was the motive for the murder of Odin?

It’s neither her nor there about Aaron’s sexuality, because at the end of the day it’s his past. He’s dead, and whatever he did or who he did is too late to change. Baez is apparently trying to do some damage control and clean up his clients name and get him that $6 million dollar check from the New England Patriots.

In final Hernandez attorney still believes that Aaron Hernandez was murdered in prison as retaliation of the verdict.

Jose says in closing:

“There is still plenty we are investigating.”

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