McGregor Expecting, Isaiah Pead Career Over + Alvarez UFC 205 Loss

McGregor Expecting Babies, Isaiah Pead Career Over + Eddie Alvarez on UFC 205 Loss

SPORTS BITES: Conor McGregor is Expecting Babies in 2017, ex-NFL running back Isaiah Pead Career Over + Eddie Alvarez on UFC 205 Loss!!!

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McGregor Expecting Babies, Isaiah Pead Career Over + Eddie Alvarez on UFC 205 Loss has a new round of BITES for you starting off with UFC superstar Conor McGregor who is now expecting to be a daddy in early 2017!

Wait until you get this tea about Conor McGregor, because he is NOT only expecting one baby with his girlfriend sometime in March. It is also being reported that he is allegedly expecting another baby with a high end escort in May.

An inside source reveals via TerezOwens that, “kids coming in March and May. Needs equity in the company if they want him to stick around.”

Yes, McGregor seems to be a superstar in the cage and in the sheets. In appears there is so much MeGregor loving to give that he knocked up his woman and an escort. What we are finding surprising is that she is staying with him. But if you think about it, it works to her benefit to stay with him. She will just have to take the high road all the time since she has to be a mother to another woman’s (escort) child.

Sounds like Conor will have his hands full?

McGregor Expecting Babies, Isaiah Pead Career Over + Eddie Alvarez on UFC 205 Loss

Next is, ex-NFL running back Isaiah Pead, whose career in the NFL is over!

Isaiah Pead was injured suffered in a single-car crash in Columbus, Ohio, this past weekend. his former head coach said, Pead won’t ever return to the NFL thanks to the injuries he suffered in the wreck.

The Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher issued the following statement:

“Our organization’s hearts and prayers go out to the Isaiah Pead family. I spoke with his mom [on Saturday]. He’s struggling, and he’s going to have a tough road. We’re hoping that he’ll come through this, but his career is over, and he was an outstanding young man while we had him.”

Pead last played for the Miami Dolphins earlier this season, but was released.

McGregor Expecting Babies, Isaiah Pead Career Over + Eddie Alvarez on UFC 205 Loss

Last, Eddie Alvarez weighs in on losing to Conor McGregor at UFC 205 in New York City on Saturday night.

Alvarez may have lost the fight, but he will be getting a massive payday, but the none of that money will console the pain he is feeling from losing the lightweight title belt.

Following the fight, Eddie Alvarez broke his silence on Tuesday via an emotional Instagram post, saying “I f-cking blew it!”

The statement reads as follows:

“Congrats to Connor and his camp on an amazing accomplishment, these guys continue to deliver, hats off to you fellas . As for my performance, the only thing I can honestly say was I f-cking blew it … I did nothing I trained, I did the complete opposite of what we planned on a daily basis for 10 weeks. To sum up our plan in a sentence it was “Go left and mostly wrestle” instead I circled into his left hand and mostly boxed. Fighting the way I did was a for sure death sentence and the result was fitting. I say it all the time, there is really small margin for error at this level and I paid for my mistakes..

…I managed to make it to the biggest stage and audience in my long career and fucked it all up when I arrived , my heart sincerely hurts and when I dwell on it I fill up with regret and anger. If there was a list of what not to do against an Opponent of this nature I did them all on Saturday. I am disappointed in myself and this is not a reflection of my coaches, training Partners, and the endless hours of training I commit to this sport . Every Time I get into the cage I negotiate being vulnerable and possibly embarrassed against the opportunity to do something great and Grow more. I always choose the latter regardless of the uncomfortably and anxiety it brings to me, I think this choice is the only reason I ever succeeded in the first place…

…I thought in my head at least making a lot of money would make me happy but I am having a lot of trouble enjoying myself regardless of the check that’s going to be written, I am very uneasy and discontent for the most part . I am lucky to have my wife and my child at a time like this to help me laugh and smile and let me know everything’s gonna be all right, they are my saving Grace, without them I am a shell of a man. Besides the outcome I thoroughly enjoyed fight week and the lead up, it was a lot fun. I have never defined myself off one win and I’ll never define myself off one loss. I simply had a bad night .. I’ll have the opportunity again to have a good one ,, and I’ll make the Walk to see what I got Everytime.

Thanx for listening -EA”

Alvarez’s short-lived reign at the top of his weight class just goes to show how quickly fortunes can change for MMA fighters these days.