Wizards John Wall FINED for “Verbal Barrage” at Coach Scott Brooks

John Wall FINED for "Verbal Barrage" at Coach Scott Brooks

The Washington Wizards have reportedly fined All-Star point guard John Wall for “unloading a verbal barrage at coach Scott Brooks!

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John Wall FINED for "Verbal Barrage" at Coach Scott BrooksCelebNSports247.com reports that Washington Wizards All-Star point guard John Wall told coach Scott Brooks as blunt “F-ck you.”

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and The Washington Post’s Candace Buckner reports John Wall has been FINED for sounding off!

Washington Post’s Candace Buckner reports:

On Saturday, the #Wizards had this heated practice in which Bradley Beal and Austin Rivers had a verbal altercation. Beal grew heated and gestured toward Pres Ernie Grunfeld, and said something along the lines ‘It starts at the top.’

The Post’s report revealed:

According to sources, John Wall and Jeff Green also got into it and their player-on-player verbal altercation led to Coach Scott Brooks trying to intervene and that’s when Wall hurled an expletive at the coach.

She had another tidbit:

Emotions and frustrations were running high during a recent game and Kelly Oubre Jr. hurled expletives at Brooks, according to someone who witnessed the tirade.

Meanwhile, Wojnarowski reports:

Washington’s preference remains to reshape the team around Wall and Beal, but poor play among key teammates is limiting their trade value and paralyzing the Wizards’ efforts to make meaningful changes to a roster that no longer appears functional together, league sources said.

Washington had hopes that forwards Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre could be centerpieces of deals that could return an impactful third star, but those players have fetched minimal interest on the market. Porter has a massive contract on the books, including three years, $81 million left.

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