Jon Jones Sets Record Straight About Tax Liens

UFC Jon Jones Sets Record Straight About Tax Liens

UFC fighter Jon Jones is setting the record straight after a website posted that he owed millions in back taxes.

Jon Jones wants everyone to know that he made millions this year and paid millions in taxes, so he has no clue where or why someone would try to claim it news. Jones decided to go against the grain and address the fake news head on. Continue to see what UFC fighter Jon had to say… reports that the two-time undisputed UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is addressing a recent article that was posted on Bloody Elbow.

As for the 37-year-old MMA fighter, Jon Jones makes it clear:

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet ladies and gentlemen.

Here is what Bloody Elbow posted, and what made Jones speak out:

It seems Jones was hit with multiple state and federal tax liens over the last couple of years in excess of $1 million, according to Bloody Elbow. In addition to delinquent income tax charges, the Albuquerque resident was past due on his city utilities and even had a personal storage unit put up for auction.

He probably should have used some of that “$8 million in cash” on something other than strippers.

Jon Jones is worth $10 million as of 2019, so he’s NOT having money issues.

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