Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Caught with THOTS After Canelo Loss

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Caught with THOTS After Canelo Loss


What the heck is going on? Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is apparently stuck on stupid. He lost the Canelo Alvarez  fight last week. And now the human punching bag is a sex toy for a bunch of THOTS! Not Smart.

We hope we don’t hear about a rape charge or any type of baby mama drama in 9 months. Don’t do it Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Thotties be like…

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Caught with THOTS After Canelo Loss

CelebNSports247.com will be using this video of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr as an example to all up and coming athletes.

Don’t be stupid, when your homies pay for some THOTs to come sex you up on video. Here is why! First the video is evidence that they hooked up with you. Second, one of them or two or them might try to use you as a come up. You don’t need to loss you contract money to one of these THOTS who will do anything for a buck on camera. Let alone have a baby by you. No man needs baby mama drama or a alleged rape allegation swirling in the media.

Check out how stupid Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. looks after Canelo Alvarez beat him by a 12 round unanimous fight. Even though Chavez lost he still got paid $3 million and he stands to make even more once the PPV numbers come in.

These girls can smell the money, they’re like vultures waiting to attack. It doesn’t matter Chavez is being dumb. A few days later, Chavez was taking his loss pretty well as he was recorded being swarmed by a bunch of women who were clearly ready to do anything he wanted to do at that moment.

Last week after the fight, Chavez Jr said:

“Risking your life to please the public is the best thing that has ever happened to me !! But with the body you can not. Many days I did not eat and that is for the people who always follow me and will follow.”

We understand that, but don’t let these women get any of that paycheck. Check it:


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