Kendrick Norton Arm Cleaning Video; Getting Prosthetic Arm Soon

Kendrick Norton Posts Arm Cleaning Video; Getting Prosthetic Arm Soon

Back in early July, Kendrick Norton had his life and career turned upside down after a horrific car crash which forced paramedics to perform an arm amputation on the scene to save his life.

The 22-year-old Miami Dolphins Kendrick Norton player is now no longer able to play in the NFL, but his team paid him his full salary due to a non-football injury designation. As Kendrick begins a new chapter in his life he posted the first video without his arm. Continue on to see Kendrick Norton Arm Cleaning Video and the news that he will be getting a mind control Prosthetic Arm Soon… report that the former defensive tackle Kendrick Norton states during the video that he refuses to shed a tear about his situation.

Kendrick Norton remains positive despite the horrific incident, but he is now revealing his new life when he posted an inspiring video that showed the cleaning process he goes through for his amputated arm.

He said:

Ain’t no point in crying every day and being sad and stuff. Still got stuff to be done.

His girlfriend, Kira, was also in that vehicle, and states she suffered internal bleeding, but is doing well.

Kendrick notes he’s going to be okay and he’s not suicidal says [via TMZ]:

Don’t worry about me too much.

He even gave a message to some of his fellow amputees who are looking up to him as a role model:

Don’t let what people say to determine how you feel about yourself … that’s a word to the wise for everybody.

What’s next for Kendrick?

Well Kendrick Norton will be getting a state of the art prosthetic arm that he can operate with his mind.

Here is what he revealed to TMZ:

I had a good case where they preserved a lot of my nerves from my arm, so I’ll be able to get a prosthetic I’ll be able to control with my mind.

Norton still has some healing to do before he gets fitted … but he’s learning all about his options in the meantime.

In the medical field, there’s a lot of new technology out here I’m just now finding out about.

As for his future, we asked Norton if he’s considering finding a new sport where he can compete with one hand … and while he hasn’t ruled it out, it’s just not his priority at the moment.

Instead, Norton says he’s focusing on starting a non-profit charity and wants to use his platform to inspire kids who are living without limbs.

I just wanna touch as many people as possible.

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