Lebron James wife Savannah Breast on Full Display

Lebron James wife Savannah Breast on Full Display

When you’re a celebrity, you must remember one thing, paparazzi are always ready to get that shot.

Take for instance, Lebron and his wife Savannah who got snapped in Hollywood. What was revealing is the paps landed a very revealing photo of Savannah’s cleavage. Take a look at Lebron James wife Savannah and her bountiful breasts on full display. Read on…

Lebron James wife Savannah Breast on Full DisplayCelebNSports247.com has the latest tea spilling in sports when it comes to Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron and his wife Savannah.

Lebron James wife Savannah James were spotted at Tristan Thompson’s 27th birthday celebration at Beauty & Essex in Hollywood. It was right after Khloe Kardashian’s baby shower in Bel Air.

Anyways, it was all about Savannah James and her bountiful lumps on full display for all to see. An unknowing Savannah was rocking a black jumpsuit and white leather jacket, got caught by paps showing off her new cleavage.

Luckily, Lebron James wife titty-tape was working overtime, not nipple slip here!

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Close friend Gabrielle Union was heard telling Vogue that “what you see is exactly what you get,” when you meet the James.

The Being Mary Jane star added that “LeBron is silly and jumps around, and you know,” but when it comes to the Cavs baller, “that’s who he is.”

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When it comes to Savannah, she is more of a “you say what you do and you do what you say” type of woman.
Basically, that is why they are so REAL. Her breasts might be implants, but they’re a straight up on the level couple.

Do you think Savannah has implants or are they 100% ALL NATURAL?