Manny Pacquiao Coming Out of Retirement For Fight

Manny Pacquiao Coming Out of Retirement For Fight


Guess who is coming back to the boxing ring? If you guessed homophobe Manny Pacquiao, then you’re right. Manny Pacquiao wants back in the ring and he’s planning on a return in the fall!?!

Flip and find out why Manny Pacquiao is coming out of retirement…

Manny Pacquiao Coming Out of Retirement For Fight preciously told you that  Manny Pacquiao announced his retirement from boxing this past April, but now he is reneging on the announcement.

According to Boxing promoter Bob Arum announced on Tuesday that Pacquiao plans to come out of his retirement and fight this fall.

Pacquiao has that itch that only boxing can scratch. Anyways, Pacquiao is looking at either an October 29 or November 5 fight in Las Vegas, but he has to make sure the date does not conflict with his duties as a Senator in the Philippines.

BallerAlert reports:

Arum said he had previously planned for a fight on October 15 but had to end up changing it because of Pacquiao’s busy schedule. Arum is hopeful for a fight at the MGM Grand but is waiting to work out details with MGM executives.

As a Senator, Pacquiao’s workload is tough, a lot tougher than it was when he was a Congressman. He takes his duties very seriously and after Arum’s announcement, Pacquiao actually took to social media to deny that he had been in discussions for a fight later this year (Arum claims Pacquiao’s statements are false and that he only said that to appease the public). In his post, Pacquiao does admit that he may return to boxing but he assures his country that he places his Senator duties as top priority and that he would only fight when Congress is on recess so that he would not have to take a leave. He also emphasized to them that if a fight were to happen, he would train in the Philippines so that he would be able to attend any congressional sessions during his training period.

As of right now, an opponent has yet to be determined, though Arum has already ruled out Adrien Broner because his asking price was too high.

Hmm is it because he can fight another shirtless sweating man?

We’re not questioning his sexuality, but most men who rant about gay men tend to be in the closet and unwilling to admit it. Maybe he could have a sit down with Yusef Mack…aka Philly Mack?


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