Manny Pacquiao Wants To Execute Drug Dealers


It sounds like the Philippines just screwed themselves over with Manny Pacquiao, the countries elected senator. Lose cannon Pacquiao or The Donald Trump of the Philippines want to kill law breakers!!!!

Get the latest on the former boxer and now elected senator Manny Pacquiao on the flip…

Manny Pacquiao Wants To Execute Drug Dealers just got word now that Manny Pacquiao’s boxing career is ostensibly finished, he will be focusing all of his time on his senator duties in the Philippines.

This is bad news for Philippine citizens, because it’s never good when an egotistical self centered nut-job like Donald Trump holding a position in political office. He’s just a rich man out for world dominance like Stewy Griffen on the Family Guy.

We all know he hates gays after he said that “Gay People Are Worse Than Animals.” So we are NOT surprised to hear he used his religious beliefs to justify his opposition to legislation. See when Pacquiao was a congressman he wanted to have mandated sex education and subsidized contraception. Now that he’s a senator, he’s invoking God as a justification for the summary execution of drug dealers.

Yesterday, Pacquiao raised eyebrows when he was caught arguing in favor of putting convicted drug traffickers to death. Via

Pacquiao said:

“We need to clarify that from then until now, the Constitution never barred the imposition of the death penalty, especially in the eyes of God.”

The boxer and Christian preacher declared:

“The death penalty is lawful, moral and sanctioned governmental action. Having read the Bible on a regular basis, I am convinced that God is not just a God of mercy, but also a God of justice.”

Pacquiao was asked by another senator how he thought the executions should be carried out. Pacquiao said that hanging should do the trick.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

America NEEDS to wake up and realize that Trump is reckless and going to be a careless, self-centered, out for himself Pres. if elected. We can see Pacquiao is already making life in the Philippine a pure hell. Trump will do the same to the US if people don’t WAKE up and vote Hilary Clinton for President.




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