Miguel Sano Hits Lady in the Jaw

Miguel Sano Hits Lady in the Jaw

Here is a case of wrong place, wrong time! Miguel Sano hit an absolute bomb last night at Target Field against the A’s, the only problem is a female fan caught that absolute bomb in the jaw!

OUCH, that’s gonna leave a mark! Watch the video and see how Miguel Sano hit a lady in the jaw…

Miguel Sano Hits Lady in the Jaw

Before you get it twisted about Miguel Sano hitting a lady in the jaw, it was not him, it was his ball. The ball that he hit during the game against the A’s.

The third baseman for the Minnesota Twins, Miguel Sano. hit the ball and it soared last night, and as the play went screaming through the air, it smashed right in the face of a female spectator.

This is why you bring your glove to the game and pay attention. No female likes flying balls hitting their mouths, especially at 100 mph. It’s NOT fun!


In all truthfulness the woman needed x-rays to make sure that jaw wasn’t broken.

Bottom line, if you go to any sporting event you have to pay attention to the game. You’re not safe anywhere inside a park. You could be a half-mile from home plate and a Miguel Sano heavy hit can fly right at you, like it did the lady. Just when you think you’re safe and nothing is going to happen. You’re looking all cut flirting with the hot guy drinking the beer, you wink, he winks and then right when you’re about to give him the hair flip with and the big one two, Sonny Gray serves up a meatball to Sano.

All you here is click, the ball makes contact with the bat, Miguel looks as it soars far far away and clobbers you right in the face. You’re laid out and think you jaw is broken. The man turns away and is back to the game.

As for the lady, it’s being reported that her son “came back with two Sano balls and an autographed bat in exchange for the homerun ball.”

One onlooker who was just feet away said:

“I was sitting 3 feet from her. It didn’t bounce. Went right through ?? and struck her jaw. She went for X-Rays and her Son came back (cont)”

Watch as Sano makes his 8th home run of the year:

All it cost was an almost near broken jaw. She’ll never forget that game!

Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports