Nascar Drivers Start Brawling in The Pit

Nascar Drivers Start Brawling in The Pit? WTF?


Nascar is the place where a fight between two drivers would happen, but not this past weekend. Apparently there was some off the track road rage between Joey Logano and Kyle Busch as they threw down brawling in the pit.

Get all the details on the flip about  Nascar Drivers, Joey Logano and Kyle Busch fighting in the pit..

Nascar Drivers Start Brawling in The Pit has the tea on Kyle Busch who went into attack mode trying to punch Joey Logano following Sunday’s Kobalt 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The attempted punch triggered a brief scrum on pit road with Logano’s Team Penske crew that left Busch’s forehead bloodied.

Martin Truex Jr.’s victory was over-shadowed by the fight between Busch and Logano.

Now, Nascar Drivers Joey Logano claims that Kyle Busch should’ve been EXPECTING a fight, especially after the way he was driving.

NASCAR analyst Jeff Hammond was covering the Kobalt 400 for FS1 and says he loved the passion Busch showed when he confronted Logano.


Violence is NOT passion!

Bottom line, this is NOT professional behavior for Nascar. If you wanna fight be a boxer not a driver! Next time “leave it on the track”!

Hammond states:

“In Joey’s situation, you should expect that kind of a retaliation. You gotta be looking for it. Your head’s gotta be on a swivel.”

In the end, this is not the first time either of these Nascar Drivers have been involved in controversy. Obviously there was too much testosterone on the track.

Next time go have sex and release the anger with your girl or something.

What do you think about these two Nascar Drivers fighting? Childish and unprofessional? Or men handling their business?

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