NFL Draft Pick + Ex-Florida Gators Daniel McMillian Arrested

NFL Draft Pick + Ex-Florida Gators Daniel McMillian Arrested

NFL Draft pick + ex-Florida Gators Daniel McMillian was arrested for sexual assault and kidnapping Thursday night in Gainesville, FL.

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NFL Draft Pick + Ex-Florida Gators Daniel McMillian Arrested has just got word that the NFL has another potential sex offended trying to land a career in the NFL.

We understand that Daniel McMillian is talented when it comes to football, but his off field antics are over-shadowing his blessing.

McMillian was BUSTED for sexual assault and kidnapping.


Daniel McMillian Arrest Details:

TMZ reports:

According to a police report, McMillian — who was a LB on the team for 4 years — invited a woman over to his apartment around 3:40 PM. When she arrived, he allegedly took the girl into his room and exposed himself.

Cops say the woman told D.M. she was uncomfortable and tried to leave, but he blocked her exit. He then allegedly grabbed her butt, before she kicked McMillian in the genitals, and ran out of the apartment.

The former 4-star high school recruit was booked for 2 felonies — sexual assault and kidnapping — and is being held in jail on $40k bond.

McMillian had a pick for the Gators in the Outback Bowl this season … and participated in Florida’s pro day last week.

Do you think Daniel McMillian deserves a chance in the NFL? We know how we feel about criminals, rapists and sexual assault offenders and kidnappers, do you?

And will the NFL uphold standards or will they allow another sexual assault offender into the NFL only to do his crime again?