Odell Beckham Jr Beard Rumors Surface Again

Odell Beckham Jr Beard Rumors Surface Again

OK so RUMORS continue to swirl that Odell Beckham Jr might be a friend of Dorothy’s despite the fact that Amber Rose said she’s 150% sure that he’s straight!

A new RUMOR has surfaced that Odell Beckham Jr may be indeed a mans man even though he was spotted with his girlfriend just weeks ago. Read on and get the tea being spilled on Odell Beckham Jr Beard Rumors…

Odell Beckham Jr Beard Rumors Surface Again

CelebNSports247.com is now hearing a new rumor that all the women in Odell Beckham Jr’s life are just alleged beards.

There is no proof if any of this is true and even if Odell Beckham Jr is gay, so what. He’s hot and if he had a dude, that guy is f—ing lucky!

In April, Odell was linked to Poly Ferfeli. The two were out at Magic Mountain enjoying rides with friends. But Odell has been linked to many women and tends to keep his dating private. His PR team continues to link him to every woman and THOT possible. Are they trying to cover up things. Maybe they should get Triggers PR, they’ve been excellent for him. Then, there are two main stream actors whose PR doesn’t play and knows how to wipe out anyone who talks about their clients. You might know who we are talking about but Mummy’s the word and Pulp the fiction!

Odell Beckham Jr Beard Rumors Surface Again


Whoever he is dating is his business, but hey, you’re NOT famous until they start saying you’re gay, right? Let’s not forget he has even been linked to smashing Pilar Sanders, Deions Sanders ex-wife, but his most notable link has been his “Right Hand” MC.

Here is the tea we are hearing from our friends over at TerezOwens:

This new PR spin comes on Odell Beckham Jr Beard Rumors comes from the internet.

“A “snitch” reported that “Iggy and Odell were friends. But Iggy just broke up with her producer boyfriend. So now she’s seeing Odell. They are so into each other.”

Odell Beckham Jr Beard Rumors Surface Again

Take a look at this PR bearded story:

Iggy Azalea posted this on her Twitter:

Here is OBJ just hanging out with Isaiah Joseph over the Coachella Weekend. Harmless fun!

Victoria, Odell & David Beckham ? @benjicarlisle @obj ? @salthousands

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Let’s be honest guys, if the Odell Beckham Jr Beard Rumors are true and no one knew and Odell wanted to smash you’d say “hell yeah”?  – He’s hot and probably great sex!

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