Phillies Jake Arrieta Threatens to “Put a Dent in” Todd Frazier “Skull”

Phillies Jake Arrieta Threatens to "Put a Dent in" Todd Frazier "Skull"

Tension rising in New York between Phillies right-hander Jake Arrieta and New York Mets third baseman Todd Frazier.

See, Todd Frazier was hit by right-hander Jake Arrieta who pitched a fastball right into Todd’s back. Continue on for more on Phillies Jake Arrieta Threatens Todd Frazier… reports that Todd Frazier was PISSED after Jake Arrieta pitch ball into his back.

What infuriated Todd Frazier is that after he was hit by Jake Arrieta‘s pitch he was ejected a few seconds later.

Frazier, 33, had some NOT SO NICE exchange of words with Arrieta and umpires before you heard “you’re outta here.”

Of course, Arrieta was obviously frustrated with how the night unfolded, having allowed five earned runs on 11 hits in 4.1 innings.

After the game, the Phillies right-hander addressed the situation after the game threatening Todd Frazier to come to see him face to face because he will “put a dent in his skull.”

Ouch, harsh words Jake!

This seems so weird coming from a guy who posted a video of himself, showing off his butt while sweeping the floor? What was this one of those erotic moments where you pay to watch hot guys undress? LOL

Jake posted this video sometime back saying “getting the house read”:

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