Raiders Release Antonio Brown; AB Responds

Raiders Release Antonio Brown; AB Responds

Yesterday, things were looking up for wide receiver Antonio Brown since he found a helmet and that it was announced that he would be starting in week 1 in the upcoming NFL season.

We’ve gone from no sucking Antonio Brown’s feet to AB being a diva over his helmet issue with the Raiders and now this.

Unfortunately, everything went left this morning when the Raiders announced that they have released Antonio Brown putting back on the unemployed list. Read on… has learned that the Oakland Raiders dropped one of the biggest bombshells in NFL news Brown officially asked for his release following him finding out his contract guarantees being voided for conduct detrimental to the team.

This was just less than 24 hours after Antonio Brown delivered an forced apology to his teammates during a meeting.

David called into NFL Network’s Good Morning Football and revealed some interesting things with Brown and the mindset of the players on the team.

David Carr said of the team feeling about not having Antonio Brown for the Monday Night season opener:

There’s a relief, honestly, that he might not be there. Because quite honestly it’s been better practices when he’s not there. When AB’s not been around the building, there’s been a lack of just complete insanity that has actually been pretty comforting. . . they have 52 guys that are getting ready to go out there and make something happen and unfortunately it’s just one guy that’s kind of holding them all back.

David goes on to state “how much of a drain [Antonio Brown] has been on this football team.”

Shortly after Brown was released from the team, Carr took his true feelings about Brown public.

He called AB a clown:

Then called his agent and Brown liars for what happened:

AB had this to say about it all…basically no regrets because he is doing the right thing and looking out for himself.

The NFL doesn’t care if he gets hurt, they’re just looking to save money.

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