Ray Edwards

Ray Edwards From the NFL to Heavyweight Boxer


Did You Know ex-Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards has changed his sports career and now Ray Edwards is thriving as a Heavyweight Boxer!?!

Get more details on the flip about ex-Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards on the flip…

Ray Edwards

CelebNSports247.com has learned that ex-Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards has changed up when it comes to his career.

Instead of taking ex-San Diego Chargers Terry Crews path into film and TV, ex-Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards switched to heavyweight boxing and he LOVES IT!

Get this, Edwards has already racked up an impressive 10-0 record. He spent 7 seasons in the NFL, but now the 31-year-old has been fighting as a heavyweight ever since he left the NFL in 2012.

He’s a massive 6’5″, 268 lbs. and with his 10-0 record there is no stopping him. Ray has sparred with heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder and says he has his sights set on a a real deal title fight.

We actually can’t wait to see him fight.┬áRay leaked that he even has some opponents in mind.

What do you think about Ray Edwards as a heavy weight boxer? We love it – we need a muscle man/powerhouse that can take over Mike Tyson’s old spot as reigning champion!

We miss the Hollyfields and Tyson days, so Ray Edwards is the new era heavyweight we all want to dominate!

Here is what Ray told TMZ at the airport:

Remember, when Edwards is debuting his title fight – CelebNSports247.com told you first he was the new era heavy weight for the next decade:

What do you think of Ray Edwards as a heavyweight boxer? Well we have some hot photos of Edwards who has a sexy body and he loves to flaunt it. We’ve seen plenty of him and there’s enough to feed the needy. Take a look:

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