Robert Griffin III Ex-Wife WANTS Money

Robert Griffin III Ex-Wife WANTS Money

Robert Griffin III may technically by divorced, but his ex-wife “Rebecca Liddicoat filed court docs complaining” that she wants money!

Read on and get the tea spilling on Robert Griffin III and his ex-wife…

Robert Griffin III Ex-Wife WANTS Money has learned that Robert Griffin III still has to deal with the details regarding how much money he’s going to pay Rebecca Liddicoat.

Rebecca Liddicoat is PISSED that a judge approved the divorce between she and the former Cleveland Browns QB Robert Griffin III.

What we think is the problem is that as soon as RG3 got word of his divorce being final, he proposed to Grete Sadeiko.


Rebecca Liddicoat has been upset since and now she wants money, so she took this fight to the courts:

“Griffin’s spurned ex Rebecca Liddicoat filed court docs complaining to the judge that it was improper to OK their divorce deal because Griffin still owed her a ton of money. The judge based their divorce deal on a premarital agreement that the pair signed before they married in 2013, and Liddicoat said Griffin was supposed to pay her 50 percent of the fair market value of their Montgomery, Tx mansion – which the pair purchased last year for $2.2 million – but she said he still hasn’t coughed up one red cent.

Liddicoat said that Griffin has been tight fisted with her in the past, cutting off her credit cards even though she needs $36,000 a month to maintain herself, their toddler daughter Reese, and two homes in Texas and Virginia.”

Size down Rebecca, or get a job.

Last week, RG3 and Grete welcomed their first child together. Here is what Robert posted on IG:

“Welcome to the world Gloria Griffin!!! Your mommy is incredible! The way she pushed through delivering you into the world was the stuff of legend. Very simply put, Your mom is a certified baller!!! I am blessed to have your Mommy riding with me as we show each other what real love is and now we have you, our own little angel to raise. It is very rare to find something real in this world we live in. God is real and he has blessed your mommy and daddy beyond our wildest dreams. We found each other and we made you. We have Real Love. Real Happiness. Real Purpose. That is priceless. 7/2/17”

Congrat RG3 and Grete.