Roger Goodell Weighs in on NFL Twerkin Limit

Roger Goodell Weighs in on NFL Twerkin Limit


There is nothing better than watching the touchdown dancing during NFL games, but overly sensitive fans want no more twerkin on the field. So the NFL put a BAN Sexually Explicit Touchdown Dances by adopting a “strict two-pump limit”!!!

Find out what Roger Goodell said about adopting the NFL Twerking Limit aka the “strict two-pump limit”…

NFL Twerkin Limit

Ladies we know some of you’re are all to familiar with the NFL adopt a “two-pump limit” at home but now the NFL is talking about the steps toward making the “strict two-pump limit” official.

And you wonder why Missy Elliott came out with “One Minute Man” back in the day?

We don’t want no “One Minute Men” on the NFL either. Let them Twerk, gyrate, dance and act silly, they deserve it, but that’s just our opinion.  Thankfully, USA TODAY Sports‘ Tom Pelissero finally asked the burning question to Roger Goodell.

Will the NFL adopt a “strict two-pump limit” on celebrations?

Goodell weighed in during his press conference in Houston while he laughed off the question, it’s something players and fans would love clarity on. This past season players were hit with excessive celebration penalties for dancing with inconsistent enforcement.

Then, Antonio Brown was penalized for twerking, but Travis Kelce was not for “Hitting the Quan.” And in case you have no clue what “Hit The Quan” was, we got ya:

Two of such penalties result in an ejection, so in the sense of transparency for the rules, maybe the league should consider a “two-pump limit.”

NFL Twerkin Limit: Goodell responded:

LISTEN to Roger Goodell below:

We think that Key and Peele can help explain how stupid the NFL Twerkin Limit is:

What do you think about the Two pump limit? Smart or Stupid?

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