Sharon Reed Sets Record Straight on LeBron James Love Child

Sharon Reed Sets Record Straight on LeBron James Love Child


LeBron James rumors that he has a secret love child with Cleveland news reporter Sharon Reed is at an all time high. Now, Sharon Reed Sets Record Straight on LeBron James Love Child!

Flip and get the tea on LeBron James secret Love child, since Sharon Reed is setting the record straight. Read on…

Sharon Reed Sets Record Straight on LeBron James Love Child has this report since Sharon Reed sat down with the crew over at Atlanta’s V-103 to set the record straight.

She was asked,”What was the craziest rumor she ever heard about herself.”

Sharon Reed says that the rumors that she was dating the “King,” but she makes it clear that the RUMOR is NOT True. At the time of the rumors, she states that LeBron was NOT married.

TPS recalls:

“According to sources close to Reed, it was an open secret at work that she has been seeing LeBron for years — while he was with Savannah. When things started getting out of hand, the Cavaliers brass reportedly met with WOIO management to request that Reed not cover the Cavs home games.”

Well, the rumors got so out of control that Reed, who is now based in Atlanta, had to finally speak out about it.  Ryan of the Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith straight up asked her about the LeBron baby rumor.

Reed replied that this is the first time she’s ever spoke on the rumor:

“You know, I’ve never talked about that. The reason, I guess until now, that I’ve never talked about it is because I’m big on not just being authentic – I think that’s why I resonate with viewers, you know, there’s always more work to do – but I don’t own other people’s [pauses]. I own my own mess.”

Does she know LeBron?

She clarified:

“Do I know LeBron? No. Probably had more conversations with his now-wife, under the tunnel, than him.”

She continued:

“It’s trash perpetuated by people who want it to be true… That’s a sexy thing for them to think. It’s a way they think to put me down. I can think of worse things you can say about somebody than, ‘She has a baby with an international basketball star.’ If it’s true, it’s true. It’s not.”

She concluded:

“There’s no baby with LeBron. I wish him the best, you know?”

Watch and learn:

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