Terry Rozier ‘Scary Terry’ Merch Days O.V.E.R.

Terry Rozier 'Scary Terry' Merch Days O.V.E.R.

Terry Rozier was known as “Scary Terry” during the 2017-2018 season because of his love for the movie “Scream.”

The Boston Celtic baller Terry Rozier was a huge fan of the mask worn by the killer in the 1996 film tattooed on his arm. But now he is being SUED for cashing in on the Scream killer mask. Read on…

Terry Rozier 'Scary Terry' Merch Days O.V.E.R.CelebNSports247.com reports that “Scary Terry” Terry Rozier decided to cash in by merging his favorite horror flick with some personally branded merchandise.

Terry Rozier made Sweatshirts and T-shirts that displayed a cartoon version of Rozier wearing the so-called “Scream” mask, with the words “Scary Terry” written below the image.

The merch sold out within days, but the makers of the infamous “Scream” mask are sueing him for copyright and trademark infringement.

According to a lawsuit filed in US District Court for the Eastern District of New York this month, Easter Unlimited Inc., is suing Rozier for copyright and trademark infringement for his use of the mask.

The company claims Rozier knowingly printed the logo on his personalized clothing line without explicit permission or authorization from them.

Easter Unlimited is seeking damages from Rozier for the violations, court documents show.

The lawsuit claims:

[Rozier] adopted the Ghost Face Mask design as his own mascot and paired the design with his alter ego ‘Scary Terry.’

Besides hawking the clothing through his personal Instagram and Twitter accounts, Rozier also gave several apparel companies permission to sell the merchandise bearing the image without the consent of Easter Unlimited, according to the suit.

That was a HUGE mistake because the lawsuit says:

[Rozier] has received a financial benefit directly attributable to the Infringements. Specifically, [Rozier’s] use of the Scary Terry nickname paired with the Ghost Face Mask as his mascot, realized an increase in merchandise sales. A large number of people have viewed and purchased the unlawful copies of the merchandise displaying the Infringements.

Sorry, Rozier, but your Scary Terry days merch is O.V.E.R.:

Terry Rozier 'Scary Terry' Merch Days O.V.E.R.

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