TI Weighs in on Sammy Sosa Skin Bleaching

TI Weighs in on Sammy Sosa Skin Bleaching

We’ve all seen Sammy Sosa’s physical transformation over the years and it’s straight up shocking. Now, T.I. BLASTS Sammy Sosa skin bleaching act of ‘Self-Hate’!

Read on to see what TI is saying about famed Cuban MLB player Sammy Sosa

TI Weighs in on Sammy Sosa Skin Bleaching

CelebNSports247.com has noticed an overwhelming opinion about skin complexion in culture today, especially when it concerning someone in the greater hip-hop community.

The King of Atlanta, TI decided to be a brutally honest about the way Sammy Sosa looks these days.

He weigh in on Sosa’s skin bleaching habit and didn’t mince words when talking about the retired slugger.

TI straight up feels that the reired Chicago Cubs baller let Sosa have it by saying:

“It’s self-hate.”

Over the years, Sosa’s complexion has continued to get lighter and lighter each and every year. Sosa continues to make headlines this year for skin-bleaching. He’s gone from sexy chocolate to 50 shades whiter.


There’s only one interview where he’s addressed it on the record, blaming the lighter tone to his skin on the unexpected visual impact the lighting in a venue had on his skin softener cream, via TMZ.

The veteran rapper TI is NOT buying any of it, so he’s calling it like he see’s it, “It’s self-hate.”