Victor Cruz Released By New York Giants

Victor Cruz Released By New York Giants

The New York Giants announced Monday that they have released wide receiver Victor Cruz, which frees up $7.5 million for New York’s cap space.

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Victor Cruz Released By New York Giants just got word that the New York Giants have decided to release Victor Cruz to create a significant salary-cap space for the NFL draft.

It sounds like the Giants have some major plans this year leaving Victor Cruz, an undrafted free agent. He is now able to go anywhere.

Victor Cruz, 30, said as part of a statement released by the team:

“I pretty much grew up in front of the eyes of this entire organization. The Giants fan base, the community, my hometown, my family. I grew up there. It’s very much a family atmosphere and it’s very much like leaving your family. That’s what it feels like. I did some great things there.”

He added:

“There are so many experiences, times and moments that I shared in that building with that team in that jersey. Those can’t be replaced or forgotten. I’m happy I have those moments to look back on.”

Cruz obviously has no regrets with the Giants releasing him.  Giants general manager Jerry Reese described Cruz as:

He is “one of the great stories in the National Football League.”

Cruz later posted this message on his Instagram:

No long paragraph for all to read, just simply THANK YOU! To the @nygiants organization and to the amazing fans that have watched me grow up in front of their eyes. THANK YOU!!”

Where will Victor Cruz end up?


Victor Cruz has options. First, Baltimore Ravens fans have been tweeting for him to come to their team. Basically, Cruz would be the 1,000-yard receiver that Baltimore craves, but he could come in and fill that leadership void left by Steve Smith Sr.’s retirement. While San Francisco is option two. Lynch and Shanahan will begin their arduous quest of rebuilding this once-proud NFC West franchise with veteran leadership. Cruz could be a great locker room presence for the 2017 49ers.

On the other hand, the Buffalo Bills may seem a better choice. If the Lose Ryan Woods,Cruz might be able to fill that void temporarily should Woods leave Western New York this spring. If none of the first three sound right, how about the Los Angeles RAMS? Cruz may not have the speed he once did, but he should be able to create some sort of separation in the Rams passing game. The Rams don’t do a great job of passing.

Lastly, Cruz could really stick it to the Giants for cutting him. Instead be all upbeat and cool, he could sign with the Giants biggest rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. He is a native of nearby New Jersey and the Eagles are in need of a serious upgrade at wide receiver.