Warriors Kevin Durant Possible Sign-and-Trade in Works

Warriors Kevin Durant Possibility Doing A Sign-and-Trade

We knew this was going to happen and now we’ve gotten word that the Golden State Warriors injured star Kevin Durant has been discussing the possibility of a sign-and-trade.

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 Warriors Kevin Durant Possibility Doing A Sign-and-Trade

CelebNSports2447.com reports that Brian Windhorst, who broke down how such a deal would be beneficial to both KD and the Warriors, on ESPN’s “Get Up.”

Brian Windhorst reports that the Golden State Warriors and injured star Kevin Durant have discussed the possibility of a sign-and-trade. Let’s not forget he was salty about the free agency trade rumors just a month ago.

Windhorst broke down how such a deal would be beneficial to both KD and the Warriors, on ESPN’s “Get Up.”

Brian explains:

One of the things that is being discussed right now is that the Golden State Warriors would offer Kevin Durant a five-year contract, $57 million extra than he could get signing elsewhere, let him rehab and then work with him to be traded. Potentially to New York, potentially to somewhere else. It would be their way to sort of take care of him monetarily, after what he just went through, and also protect the franchise and get some assets. If that happens, the Knicks would be in tremendous position to get back into it because they’re going to have these young assets and cap space.

Windhorst continues:

For lack of a better term, it would be a delayed sign-and-trade,” said Windhorst. “Because this is the only way Durant could get five years and play elsewhere. I’m just going to be honest with you: the Warriors going for this is a bit of a last ditch effort to not lose Kevin Durant for nothing. And what he would get out of it is an extra $57 million.

This shouldn’t come as a shock since Frank Isola of The Athletic who first reported that the Warriors would be interested in this scenario earlier this June.

It does make sense, especially for KD. That is if he can trust the Warriors enough to trade him to a team he wants to play for.

The NBA free agency will kick off on June 30 at 6 p.m. ET, six hours earlier than the previous start time of 12:01 a.m. ET on July 1. Topping the list of free Agents is Durant, so we will see how this plays out and what he decides to do.

There are three major components of the Warriors team heading into free agency status. What will Golden State do?

NBA free agency 2019: Player rankings:

Free agent Current team Contract status:

1. Kevin Durant*  – Warriors Player option
2. Kawhi Leonard  – Raptors Player option
3. Kyrie Irving Celtics – Unrestricted free agent
4. Kemba Walker Hornets – Unrestricted free agent
5. Klay Thompson* Warriors – Unrestricted free agent
6. Jimmy Butler 76ers – Unrestricted free agent
7. Khris Middleton Bucks – Unrestricted free agent
8. Tobias Harris 76ers – Unrestricted free agent
9. Nikola Vucevic Magic – Unrestricted free agent
10. Al Horford Celtics – Unrestricted free agent
11. D’Angelo Russell Nets – Unrestricted free agent
12. DeMarcus Cousins Warriors – Unrestricted free agent
13. Kristaps Porzingis Mavericks – Restricted free agent
14. Bojan Bogdanovic Pacers – Unrestricted free agent
15. Julius Randle Pelicans – Unrestricted free agent

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