Deshaun Watson Testifies His Massage Ended With Therapist in Tears

Deshaun Watson Testifies His Massage Ended With Therapist in Tears

Deshaun Watson Testifies His Massage Ended With Therapist in Tears!

It’s great that Deshaun Watson is being transparent about what happened with the alleged “Happy Endings” with his massage therapist were not happy apparently. According to reports they ended with the therapist in tears which does not sound consensual? Just saying… has the latest on Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson who gave his sworn testimony, under pains and penalties of perjury, to a set of facts that make it far less likely he’ll be earning that franchise quarterback money any time soon.

That is exactly what went down during the civil suit against Deshaun Watson. We previously reported what his lawyer said about the case, now Watson is just burying himself with his truth.

USA Today – Watson admitted during a pretrial deposition last week that one of his disputed encounters with a massage therapist ended with the woman crying, followed by an apology sent to her by text message from Watson, according to the woman’s attorney.

This verifies a portion of the women’s claims against him and raises the question of what caused to her cry during their encounter. In his deposition, Watson said he didn’t know, according to the attorney, Tony Buzbee. The woman is suing Watson for civil assault and claims in her lawsuit that Watson purposely touched her with his penis during the massage, causing her to feel scared and cry.

Watson left and sent her a text message apologizing afterward: “Sorry about you feeling uncomfortable,” he wrote, according to a screenshot of it previously posted by her lawyers. “Never were the intentions. Lmk if you want to work in the future. My apologies.” …

“But you know why you sent that text apology afterwards?” Buzbee asked Watson during the deposition last week, according to a partial transcript obtained by USA TODAY Sports.

“Yes, because she was teary-eyed,” Watson replied. “And I was trying to figure out what was going on. So, I assumed that she was uncomfortable in whatever reason. And we talked about working in the future. And so, I said, `We can work in the future. Just let me know.’ And then I sent my apologies as whatever reason she was teary-eyed for.”

Solis did not reply to Watson’s text, according to her lawsuit.

It leaves us all with our mouths to the floor.