Evander Kane Responds To Estranged Wife Praising Side-Chick

Evander Kane’s Estranged Wife Praises His Side-Chick

Evander Kane Responds To Estranged Wife Praising Side-Chick!

Wow, this is different. According to reports, Evander Kane’s estranged wife is finally starting to accept the fact their marriage is over and that is perfectly okay.

Evander Kane’s Estranged Wife Praises His Side-Chick

CelebnSports247.com reports that earlier this month, the pregnant and estranged wife of NHL star Evander Kane made a series of shocking allegations against him, including the claim that he cheated on her with Mara, who he used to date.

Then, Anna Kane claimed he was in Europe partying it up with his ex in fancy hotels while she was at home unable to afford expenses for their forthcoming child. All this went down on her Instagram Story.

Anna wrote to Mara Teigen on the Gram:

So do you feel good about yourself f–king my husband when I’m at home pregnant and he can’t even give me money to buy my daughter formula?

Do you feel amazing with him? After he cheated on you so much that you broke up now you can do this to another woman?

Crazy he said how ugly you were and how much surgery you had … and how you had old rich sugar daddies while you were together?

She continued:

He cheated on you so much and you go back to him? I’m shocked.

That was. Fast forward to now, Anna has changed her tune going back to her Instagram story to praise the old/new girlfriend for keeping him busy enough to stop bothering her.

She also revealed messages in which she claimed Evander had gambled away $50 million. Anna is NOT lying about his gambling, there is a pending lawsuit in Las Vegas against Kane who didn’t pay back a gambling debt.

As for Evander Kane, he has yet to address the cheating allegations but did try to shut down the gambling claims.

Kane responded stating:

I have NEVER gambled/bet on Hockey, NEVER gambled/bet on a Sharks game, NEVER gambled/bet on any of my games and NEVER thrown a hockey game. The facts are I personally had my best season of the my career last year and was the most consistent I’ve been throughout any season, I’m proud of that. I love the game of Hockey and would never do any of what was alleged. I look forward to cooperating fully with the league’s investigation.

Checkout this powerhouse stud who has been getting slandered by his estranged wife Anna:


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