Julio Jones On A New Level With Titans

Julio Jones On A Another Level With Titans

Julio Jones On A New Level With Titans!

One of the biggest headlines this week was Julio Jones saying goodbye to the Atlanta Falcons and heading to the Tennesse Titans following a trade.

CelebnSports247.com reported that Julio Jones was more than happy to move on from ATL.

Many of the Titans were overjoyed that Julio Jones was joining their team. A.J Brown was more than hyped – It was reported that he was willing to give up his no. 11 jersey for Jones, but Julio declined.

It appears Jones is ready for a fresh start and by the looks of it – he’s already on a “different level” according to National Insider for NFL Network and NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport.

Rapoport tweeted a video along with a caption that reads:

Julio Jones… he’s on a different level. #Titans

it’s crazy because the white guy who followed Jones stepped it up to keep up. Some fans reacted saying: