Mason Rudolph Pulled Off Myles Garrett’s Helmet First + Kicked Him in Groin

Mason Rudolph Tried To Pull Off Myles Garrett's Helmet First

Hey, NFL check again, it’s NOT always the black man who is the aggressor first, it if you look at the footage you would see Steelers Mason Rudolph tried to pull of Browns Myles Garrett’s helmet off first.

Yes, we know that Myles Garrett took it way too far, but he was pissed at what Mason Rudolph did to him, so he retaliated in an unprofessional way. But put yourself in his shoes, if another guy tried to pull off your protective gear would you want to beat his @ss??? Continue on and see the evidence as Mason Rudolph tried o pull off Myles helmet… wants to say this, “both men are at fault for fighting on the field,” but we get why Myles Garrett was so enraged with Mason Rudolph.

Let’s set the record straight right now, this was no cheeky moment for the Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph wasn’t a victim in the entire brawl that happened on Thursday night.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph should issue an apology to Cleveland Browns Defensive end and Strange Things fan Myles Garrett for his part in the fight on the field which has led to Myles being suspended indefinitely.

Does anyone see that Rudolph NOT only tried to pull off Myles helmet he also KICKED Garrett in the GROIN?

WTH? NFL…Are you literally BLIND? Or is this just white privilage because the NFL is protecting the white quarterback? We see you.

Samuel L. Jackson saw what we saw and is equally upset with the NFL for suspended Myles Garrett, 23.

The world-renowned actor called Rudolph out for starting it, being the aggressor, playing terribly in the game, and fighting even worse.

Jackson calls it just as he sees it when it comes to Mason being the aggressor first:

So….a QB forgot he was…QB & got jacked with his own helmet cause he couldn’t get the other guys’ helmet off… I wonder what & who the commentator thought was Barbaric? #rhetoricalquestionfornoparticularreason

‘Cowardly & BushLeague’ from the dude that started it?? Really?? & did he say “Bitch” while trying to get up? 3 Steelers 1 Brown, QB being Aggro….played badly, fought worse!

Mason Rudolph Tried To Pull Off Myles Garrett's Helmet First

What are your thoughts on Rudolph being the aggressor first?

This is way worse than when Myles was suckerpunched in the face.

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