Myree Bowden Puts the Reemix on Dunkin at Gradelo

Myree Bowden Puts the Reemix on Dunkin at Gradelo has the latest from Meta World Peace’ Gradelo Basketball Festival featuring Myree Bowden aka Reemix the Universe Best Dunker. Reemix is a legend to college basketball and NBA fans everywhere.

We wanted to show you some highlight of Reemix at the Gradelo Basketball Festival and his insane dunk skills…

Myree Bowden Puts the Reemix on Dunkin at has the latest from Reemix, who was part of the recent Gradelo Basketball Festival that took place over this past weekend presented by Meta World Peace.

On Saturday, May 12, Metta World Peace teamed up with The Money Team to celebrate the launch of the Gradelo app. This event included a carnival and a basketball game. Celebrity guest includes Reemix, Terrell Owens, and Trinidad James.

Laker Nation reports:

Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace created and hosted the first annual Gradelo Celebrity Basketball Game over the weekend. The inaugural event was held at University High School in West Los Angeles.

Gradelo is a new social networking app created by the one-time champion for basketball players and enthusiasts. The celebrity game was part of the Gradelo Basketball Festival, an all-day event Metta founded.

It was comprised of the Lakers Foundation Youth Summer Camp, a high school basketball tournament, a dunk competition, dance and drumline competitions, along with an outdoor carnival full of rides, games, food, contests and more.

Meta, who recalled being asked to throw a game in college, explained to what Gradelo is all about:

What Gradelo is doing is, connecting celebrities with education and wellness. Yes, I’m a founder of Gradelo, but that’s not the reason why it’s working how it’s working. It’s because of everybody that is involved. I’m really appreciative of everybody that’s involved.`

Take a look at Myree Reemix Bowden doing what he does best, dunkin!

Reemix gave a shout out to Meta Workd Peace and Gradelo Sports:

Shout-out to Meta Workd Peace for having a great event for Gradelo Sports Shout-out to Its Gobelt for providing a place to Put the check #weoutherrrrr #dunkcontest #ballislife #dunkademics #bodybuildingcom Butter Cloth Shirt with the sponsor #losangeles #teamReemix

Take a look at Reemix below: