Yasiel Puig Gives Hecklers Double Middle-finger Salute

Yasiel Puig Gives Hecklers The Bird After Homer

Los Angeles Dodgers Yasiel Puig made an impressive home run against the Indians in Cleveland. Then, the 26-year-old Cuban-born right fielder flipped the bird at his haters!

After Yasiel Puig made an impressive home run hecklers would not stop, so he CLAPPED BACK with a double middle-finger salute. Read on…

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Colin Kaepernick: Modern Day Police are Yester-Years Slave Catchers

Colin Kaepernick: Modern Day Police are Today’s Slave Catchers

With Donald Trump somehow being the President, our country is the embarrassment of the world. Trump has done NOTHING to stop the erratic behavior of today’s police force. Now, former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is calling them out.

See why Colin Kaepernick compares modern day police to yester-years slave catchers. Read on…

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10 Sexiest Abs, Chest, Bods and Bearded NFL Players

10 Sexiest Bearded NFL Players 2017

We know that everyone loves a man with a beard, but add that to a man who plays in the NFL with a beard and OMG! Yes, ladies and gents here are some of the hottest guys on the playing field with sexy abs, chest, bods and Beards.

We’re not just going for a beard, nah we are looking at these hunks because who doesn’t want the full package. Are you ready to take a look at our 10 Sexiest Abs, Chest, Bods and Bearded NFL Players? Then read on…

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