Derrick Rose Aquitted; Then Poses with Female Juror

Derrick Rose Aquitted; Then Cozies Up with Female Juror

WTF is Derrick Rose thinking? He gets acquitted in court for rape charges and then cozies up with a female Juror who said he was not guilty? This is what is wrong with America!!!

Derrick Rose must have short term memory loss or he didn’t learn his lesson to keep his hands to himself. Flip and get the tea…

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NFL Star Donald Penn Knocked Up BGC Star Camilla

Donald Penn Wife Spills Tea on Secret BGC Baby

We just got word that NFL star Donald Penn Knocked up Bad Girls Club star Camilla, and his wife Dominique is PISSED!!!

Wait until you sip this tea that is FILLED with spices from Donald Penn…

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Reggie Bush Accused Of Offering Mistress Hush Money

Reggie Bush Accused Of Offering Mistress Hush Money

RUMORS are swirling that Kimmy K’s hunky ex and now married man, Reggie Bush has some dirty little secrets surfacing. Asking the question, did Reggie Bush offer a Mistress HUSH MONEY for an abortion???

Flip and get the hot tea being spilled on the Buffalo Bills RB Reggie Bush

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